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Introducing Indigo’s NEW Timeline view!

Our Indigo team is proud to introduce a visual view in Indigo Attendance to help you process attendance exceptions more easily. The new Gantt chart visual, added to the Daily Attendance Exceptions Allocations modal under the ‘Timeline’ tab, aims to help provide a deeper, but simple understanding as to how an employee’s clocking and schedule information is calculated by Indigo Attendance.

This intuitive visual depicts an employee’s clockings against the schedule (or work profile) for a particular day; with attendance times, allocated break, any absence or excess, and leave utilised for that day too. Any tolerances allocated for late arrival or early departure can also be viewed easily in this chart.

This information will help you easily view how the system allocates an employee’s attendance data to understand why the record has been flagged as an exception.

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Introducing Indigo’s NEW Time Tracking Add-on!

Whether your company is in a service business, or simply works on different client assignments, it is sometimes required to keep track of the hours worked per project.

Time tracking can be a key element within an organisation as it sheds light on how much time is spent on client work, which can then be billed accordingly. Keeping track of time manually can be quite time-consuming to businesses so our team made this easier for you.

You can now keep track of how much time is worked on a project by using Indigo’s NEW time tracking add-on. Upon configuring the right settings, employees can select a project when clocking in for work using the employee portal. This makes it possible to automatically log and follow time worked on specific projects.

This add-on also integrates fully with our clocking devices. When importing clocking data into Indigo, administrators can set the default project for a device. This is useful when a device is tied to a specific project, and on which all employees’ punches would only apply to that project.

All project-related clocking data and the relevant employee hourly cost rate can be easily extracted into reports based on either the raw punches or the daily attendance. The latter allows you to identify any overtime which can be attributed to a project.

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Indigo’s BambooHR integration simplifies your workflow

Utilising our Indigo Suite gives you more time to focus on your people.

Ever since we’ve teamed up with BambooHR – one of the leading HR software solutions providers, we’ve learned that whilst some companies use it as an HR tool to manage essential employee information, others also use it to keep track of their employees’ leave request entries and leave balances. During Payroll period, these balances are manually inserted into Indigo Payroll so that the correct calculations are carried out before pay day. Although tedious, this step is required by many so as to keep both Indigo and BambooHR up to date.

We’ve facilitated this process and enhanced our integration with BambooHR to enable you to export leave request entries and leave balances from Indigo directly to BambooHR. This update will help users keep focus on their people, by simplifying and reducing time-consuming processes, whilst retaining peace of mind that BambooHR and Indigo remain in sync.

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There’s a plan for every business: Introducing Indigo Attendance Essentials!

Software at its best makes your complex processes simple. With Indigo Attendance we address your staffing availability, rostering and clocking processes, but we wanted to make it even simpler for operations that don’t have a complex scheduling requirement but still want to track their employees’ hours.

That’s why our team worked hard to bring you Indigo Attendance Essentials – a new plan with the essential features needed to help businesses with their time and attendance management functions.

With the New Indigo Attendance Essentials plan, we’ll help your business get started on managing employee working hours without the hassle of setting a schedule or shift rota, enabling you to keep track of employee hours in an easy and efficient way.

Users wishing to subscribe to our Standard plan will benefit from everything included in the Essentials plan, along with scheduling, and shift management and patterns. Businesses after more advanced controls can subscribe to our Premium plan, which includes everything in the Standard plan along with costings, budgeting and awards and penalties approval. A full list of features for our different Indigo Attendance product offerings can be found here.

What’s even better is that we’ve made it possible to grow alongside you! Users can now request to upgrade from one plan to the next, unlocking more advanced features aimed at optimising their individual business needs.

Shireburn is always here to help keep you equipped with the tools you need to run your business efficiently and effectively.

Manage Documents in SFM

Shireburn Financial Manager now supports document management! Documents can now be attached to accounting transactions in SFM, specifically in nominal, sales and purchase ledgers. The functionality is also extended to support attachments to the chart of accounts, clients and suppliers, as well as VAT returns and bank reconciliations.

The documentation can be opened, amended or deleted through the current viewing options available in SFM. Now, you can easily search for and view the accounting documentation, contracts and documented journals with one click. The system also supports multiple attachments to the same record.

SFM access controlled/permissions is now extended to include full management of access to the document management function. This feature aims to help users consolidate the accounting documents within SFM for easy access and retrieval, when required.

Introducing Indigo Target Attendance

We’re thrilled to announce that the Shireburn Team has been working hard to launch Indigo Target Attendance; a new Indigo Attendance feature aimed at helping you compare the hours your employees work versus the hours your employees are expected to work. What’s even greater is the fact that this comparison can be carried out over a longer period (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), rather than just on a daily basis.

How does it work?

First and foremost, you would need to configure your Target Attendance profiles. These can easily be configured and tailored to individual business needs. A quick example of such profiles would be 40 hours over 7 days, or 20 hours over 7 days, amongst others. Once these profiles are set up, you would then need to assign your employees to the respective profiles and that’s it, Indigo Target Attendance will do the rest!

This feature caters for both employees working on a schedule, and those whose work is not scheduled. The system will automatically help you identify any abnormal clockings, by calculating the hours your employees work, versus the expected hours based on their Target Attendance profile. Calculation of hours worked is automatically extracted and verified too.

Indigo Target Attendance seamlessly integrated with Indigo Payroll, helping you reduce human error and manual inputting of data, while enabling you to automatically update your payroll at the click of a button.

Periodic Payments in Indigo Payroll

What are periodic payments?

Periodic payments are payments or adjustments to an employee’s payroll that need to be carried out regularly, but not monthly. Such items can include director’s fees or quarterly allowances.

Did you know that you can set up periodic payments with Shireburn’s Indigo Payroll?

Users can set up these pay items to be triggered on specific days of the year. Each time this payment is automatically triggered, it is added automatically to the payroll under which it falls.

Does Shireburn’s Indigo Payroll carry periodic payments forward to the next year?

Yes! These pay items can be carried forward automatically for future years. If for example, a periodic payment is set on the 29th February, it will be automatically included in the next year on the 1st March, since leap years occur every four years.

Indigo Feature Roundup 2021

As we enter 2022, we are taking some time to round up the top features released throughout 2021.

To ensure that our users have the best tools on the market to manage their payroll, attendance, and HR functions, our team regularly releases updates for Indigo. Besides giving the Indigo Suite a refreshed look, there have been numerous feature add-ons to our Payroll, Leave and Attendance modules.Here’s a look at what our team got up to last year.

Migrate to Indigo any time with our stress-free migration tool

You can now switch to Indigo as your payroll provider any time of the year, and your company’s employee data and year-to-date payroll data will be ready on Indigo from day one. This allows you to pick up where you left off, so there will be no need to recalculate any payrolls already completed for the year.

Regardless of whether you are using another local payroll tool or Excel sheets, our team will be able to get you up and running in no time. You can rest assured that, as per our ISO certified procedures, all your data will be handled with the utmost security and confidentiality.

Indigo Leave, simplified and enhanced

The first half of 2021 saw a number of enhancements and new functionality to Indigo Leave. These included enhancements to the leave approval window, including viewing and sorting options for pending leave requests, and a pop-up with details of who submitted the request and when it was made.

We have also simplified the process for carrying out slight modifications to leave requests. Instead of having to cancel the request and re-enter all the details, you can now cancel the original request and resubmit a new one with the new resubmit function in Indigo Leave – saving you the time and headache of going through the approval process again.

Increased flexibility for rewards and penalties

Indigo Attendance has supported the assignment of rewards and penalties to shift presets for a while now, but you can now also manually allocate custom rewards and penalties for individual shifts. This means you can appropriately compensate or deduct pay or time for an individual shift that an employee has worked.

What’s more, absence, late arrival, and early departure penalties can now be configured by two different methods: slicing and range.

New Clocking and Scheduler widgets

Portal users can now view their schedule and clocking data, as well as clock in and out of shifts directly from the portal instead of a device, thanks to the new addition of the Scheduler and Clocking widgets. As with all other punching data available on Indigo, the data from the Clocking widget is available in our various punch-related reports.

Added functionality for shift planning

You can now import schedule records via Excel spreadsheets directly into the system. The Import scheduler records function allows you to allocate schedule records, such as pre-approved overtime or exceptional shifts, by bulk.

We have made the Scheduler even more helpful at a glance by clearly labelling overtime shifts, and adding icons within individual cells for clocking data, remarks, and warnings. Simply hover over these icons to view the information. Moreover, our Shift Patterns feature has been enhanced to support patterns that are up to 600 days long.

Identify overlapping clockings easily

The Overlapping Clockings tag for Indigo Attendance will be assigned in cases where employee punches overlap each other, such as when clock-in times are duplicated. This allows you to identify such exceptions with ease and ensures any adjustments are done accordingly.

Added peace of mind thanks to new emergency contacts

If anything happens to an employee, you can now get in touch with their loved ones without having to hunt around for their details. Just check the Emergency Contact Details section in the Employee Profile to find their name, number, and relationship to your employee – and because we know how busy people can be, we have included a primary and a secondary contact.

Simplifying your reporting with new options

When it comes to Indigo Leave, we have introduced two new reports, which will allow you to get a better view on the leave accruals entitlements and balance:

  • The Leave Accruals Report
  • The Leave Situation Report
  • In Indigo Attendance we introduced several new reporting options to help you and your team oversee your staffing and operations:

  • The Employee Schedule Report
  • The Daily Schedule Report
  • The Attendance Reconciliation Report
  • Easily integrate with third party applications with Indigo’s extended API library

    We are continuously working on improving and expanding the Indigo API library. Over the last year we included the following APIs:

  • Employee Profile Image
  • Get Payslip
  • Basic Pays
  • Accounting Interface
  • Calculation Payment Detail
  • Calculation Employer Liability
  • Employee Pay Items
  • Create Pay Item For Employee
  • Update Pay Item For Employee
  • Pending Leave Requests Waiting Approval
  • If you’re interested in leveraging Indigo’s APIs, have your development team visit our developer’s portal and our developer’s help centre.

    Refined performance

    Our team routinely releases optimisations for Indigo to ensure that the performance of the platform is maintained. Some of these optimisations released over the past 12 months include:

  • Importing basic hours, overtime, and leave entries in the payroll screen
  • The loading times of dashboard widgets
  • Payroll calculation and finalisation
  • The recalculation process for attendance exceptions allocations in Indigo Attendance
  • The Send to Payroll functionality in Indigo Attendance
  • Continuous security checks

    We continue to enhance the overall security of the Indigo platform. Security fixes are regularly rolled out to ensure that your data is kept safe from attackers.

    Indigo Attendance Feature Alert: Reward and Penalties Approval

    The Shireburn team has been working on a new setting in Indigo Attendance to give employers an improved level of control over how rewards and penalties are applied to employees’ salaries. With this new feature, employers can delegate specific users to review entries, reducing the room for human error or tampering, whilst contributing to both employers’ and employees’ peace of mind concerning fair allocation of rewards and penalties.

    What’s new?

    The new feature gives users the option to set a Reward or Penalty to require approval. This means that when attendance exceptions are generated with a Reward or a Penalty requiring approval, these entries must be approved by a user who has approval rights. Attendance exceptions can be easily approved or declined by using the newly implemented buttons, which appear with all options available to approving users.

    Can every user approve attendance exceptions?

    Admin users have this right automatically assigned. In order for other users to be able to approve attendance exceptions, this permission must be manually assigned by an admin.

    What happens if I skip one exception?

    When the user clicks Send to Payroll, Indigo performs automated checks on all attendance exceptions and flags any entries that have not been approved or resolved yet, alerting the user to the specific entries and action required.

    World Summit Award: Indigo Attendance Shortlisted

    Just over a year ago, Shireburn’s Indigo Attendance was named the best Cloud-Based Solution as a Service in the Malta eBusiness Awards 2020. Today, we’re pleased to share that Shireburn’s Indigo Attendance has been shortlisted for the WSA Shortlist 2021!

    The World Summit Award is a United Nations Based Global award initiative selecting and promoting outstanding digital innovations with positive impact in society. Experts in more than 180 United Nations member states nominate local solutions demonstrating global diversity and richness in the smart use of ICTs. With international events and meetings, WSA serves as a knowledge hub and network for academia, social entrepreneurs, corporates, start-ups, international organisations and many others, with the aim to contribute to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

    What is Shireburn’s Indigo Attendance?

    Indigo Attendance is a powerful cloud-based software solution that simplifies staff rostering, scheduling, labour cost management and attendance tracking. Our solution helps companies to better manage their operations. Indigo Attendance seamlessly integrates with Indigo Payroll, allowing all data to be synced at the click of a button.

    How can Indigo Attendance help your business?

    Indigo Attendance was first introduced to the market in January 2019, and has been continuously updated with new features ever since. Indigo Attendance provides a unified solution for time and attendance management. Our solution aims to help reduce manual work and eliminate the chances of human error, whilst providing management with the opportunity to take more data-driven decisions.

    The benefits of adopting Indigo Attendance as a system is not only felt at a management level, but is also greatly felt at employee level. Through integrations with Shireburn’s other software solutions, employees are able to view their schedules wherever they are, or have all clocking data instantly calculated at the click of a button, drastically reducing the strain on human resources.

    What does this award mean?

    From over 65 countries and 290 nominations, there were 119 shortlisted social digital solutions; Shireburn’s Indigo Attendance being the only Maltese solution shortlisted! The WSA shortlist 2021 provides a unique global selection of how digital applications work towards solving local issues – globally!