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Established in 1983, Shireburn Software specialise in assisting clients to identify improvement opportunities in their business processes and address them through the development and application of software solutions.

With a track record of development of a string of internationally successful software products, Shireburn continues to innovate and lead the market, developing applications aimed at specific niche business needs.

Shireburn’s main areas of activity are:

Shireburn’s success story spans local and international markets with highly specialised solutions to address the needs of several businesses. Locally, our Shireburn Business Suite is used by businesses from a wide-range of sectors helping them achieve operational excellence within their respective markets.

Our Integra for Notes suite of products has garnered international acclaim with clients including the US Air Force, Siemens, Henkel, Behr Group, Gartner, Coca-Cola, Hertz, Volvo and the US Environment Protection Agency amongst others. Integra for Notes provides advanced integration and reporting from multiple database infrastructure including Oracle and SAP.

In addition to our focus on software product development, Shireburn is also heavily involved in the sale and implementation of a variety of IT security solutions providing consultancy, installation, network design and management, technical audits, security management, training and support services and all the facilities to ensure the continuous up-time of your network infrastructure.

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