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Client Visits Protocol during COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Guidance to Clients

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as always, Shireburn’s priority remains the health and safety of our staff, clients and suppliers.  For this reason, Shireburn closed its offices at the Skyparks Business Centre on the 13th March and all the team have been working from home. Our infrastructure had been designed to sustain all staff operating from home.

The current status of the pandemic has led us to continue to put the safety of our team first and our default position is for our team not to visit client sites or for us to host clients at our offices.  We do however recognise that certain clients and circumstances may require our staff to visit client sites or our clients to visit our offices.  We do however need your help to allow us to ensure the safety of our staff and yours.

We would therefore like to advise you of the minimum measures we would require so as to allow our staff to visit your site or client visits to our offices.  The below measures are to be respected by each party.

  • Masks or a face shield are to be worn at all times, even during meetings.
  • Hands should be sanitized on arrival and departure of offices, as well visiting bathrooms and specific areas.
  • Equipment that will be used needs to be sanitised prior to usage
  • Equipment which is to be used by multiple people needs to be sanitized before usage by each person, each time.
  • Maintaining social distancing of at least a meter between each individual
  • Having an open window / door for air to circulate in any meeting room

We ask you to please cooperate with us in ensuring the introduction of these measures and thank you.

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