For many workplaces it’s a day to celebrate their female workforce. Often a treat is waiting for women at work. A small plant, a flower or a chocolate. Some add a little motivational quote as to how appreciated women are in the workplace. This is always appreciated, yet how many women still in 2024 look at their pay cheque at the end of every month and wonder why they are paid less than their male counterparts simply because they are a woman.

It seems unreal that we are still discussing gender pay gaps and imbalanced gender ratios in organisations. Most will acknowledge the challenge, speak about it yet never really commit to long term change.

Luckily today we have tools that can provide us with the data which can revolutionise how we address these issues. It’s time to back our strategies with hard-core numbers and make real change happen.

It’s time to start spreading awareness to an issue that has been on the agenda for far too long.

How serious are we about bridging the gender pay gap? How real is it in our organisation and, if so, are we ready to take action to ensure women are being paid equally?

Shireburn has committed itself to addressing this all-important issue by providing you with quality insights that can give you an honest numerical picture of where your organisation stands on the gender pay gap. This innovation on the indigo platform is aimed and providing our clients with real time data and analytics on every aspect of their business including the gender pay gap and gender mix across their organisation.

Numbers don’t lie … they allow us an unbiased and objective picture of the situation on the ground. They provide us with powerful insights that can support informed decisions and meaningful action. By leveraging this data, we can develop strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of our organisation and make a real impact on gender equality.

Let us help you start the conversation. There is much you can do to address the gender imbalance in your organisation. It’s time to spread awareness and back our strategies with hard-core numbers. With Insights we can make real change happen.

To take action and start addressing the gender imbalance in your organization, learn more about how Indigo Insights provides real-time data and analytics on the gender pay gap and gender mix across your organisation. Let’s make real change happen together.

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