Shireburn Software this month celebrates the 30th anniversary of Franco Galea, a director and mainstay of the company’s success over the years.

Franco joined Shireburn as a developer in 1992 and has held various roles including leading the company’s development, heading the operations team before then moving into a business development and sales function.

Over these years Franco has dedicated himself tirelessly to providing value and support to Shireburn’s customers John de Giorgio, the founder of Shireburn in 1983 and now Chairman explains that “Franco has the most sought-after leadership style: he is a guiding force for all the team, passing on his knowledge and helping them to feel empowered and ready to take on leadership roles themselves. Franco has had a huge impact on the culture but his impact internally on the upcoming generation of leaders has been particularly significant.”

CEO Yasmin de Giorgio explained how “throughout his time at Shireburn, Franco has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and commitment, working tirelessly to help us achieve our goals. Having him mentoring the team with the redevelopment of our Shireburn Business Suite (Accounting, Inventory etc) is huge and we are blessed to have such extensive knowledge of the product and how we can best deliver value to our clients, at hand.”

The team at Shireburn would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Franco on this impressive milestone and look forward to seeing him continue to excel and to many more successful years at Shireburn.