Shireburn Software has once again extended its support to Inspire Foundation, the organisation supports children and adults with disabilities through the provision of educational and therapeutic services.

Over the years, Shireburn has supported local charities and NGOs through various CSR initiatives, both financially and through software support. The initiative forms part of Shireburn’s ongoing commitment to play an active role in supporting and giving back to the community.

Inspire Foundation receives daily requests for information on a multitude of topics, which can be somewhat overwhelming. The organisation has always done its absolute best to assist people in a timely and efficient manner, however the implementation of a chatbot would certainly aid the Foundation’s work.

Our team at Shireburn have dedicated their time and effort to designing and implementing the aforementioned feature for Inspire’s website.

The chatbot has been of great help to the NGO, as they are now able to assist visitors in a timelier manner. It has also helped Inspire become more available to their stakeholders. We are happy to see that the work carried out by our team, is helping Inspire to provide an even better service to their clients.

For more information about the fantastic work being carried out by Inspire Foundation you can visit their website here, and while you are there, if you have any queries you can always drop them a line using their newly implemented chatbot!