6 Reasons why you should switch to Indigo.

With over 35 years of experience in developing business solutions, we understand your business’ requirements, and our team is here to make your life a little easier. Here are six reasons why we think it’s time for you to make the switch to Indigo!

1. We have the best support team around

Have no fear, our support team is here!

Shireburn Indigo Support

At Shireburn we put our people first, and we know you do too .

Despite the challenges brought about by 2020, we ensured business continuity for our staff and clients through the adaptation of remote work.  That’s the kind of reliability and service you can always count on!

When you choose to work with Shireburn Software, you get the best personalised customer support, a team that is always at the top of its game (despite being in pyjamas!) and innovative products that drive your business forward.

During our time at home, we delivered nearly 20 updates to the Indigo Suite that brought new features like Proximity and budgeting for Attendance, and overtime concessions rules, director’s fees for FSS forms and custom print sorting options for payslips for Payroll.

2. Your data is encrypted and safe with us

With Indigo hosted on Microsoft Azure and reinforced by our expert team, your data is protected by the best security technology available. We treat your raw data with full confidentiality, and we won’t share it with anyone else. All your sensitive data in Indigo receive full protection, and all data subjects have their rights to privacy honoured. Our commitment to GDPR, our Privacy Policy and our Data Retention Policy ensure of this.

3. We have tools that benefit your entire team. Self-service? Yes, please!

Ease the burden on your HR and finance teams by giving your employee’s access to our self-service Employee Portal, where they can manage their own leave requests and access their payslips, FS3s and other important company documents – all at the click of a button!

Things have never been easier for finance departments. Indigo Payroll and Leave provide you flexibility to manage a variety of pay types and payroll periods, and payslip generation can be done by email or print (we do our bit to help you be more environmentally friendly, too!).

Your rostering nightmares are over, too! Indigo Attendance gives you full control of your roster and scheduling requirements. The Attendance module lets you manage shift budgets and costings and automatically updates payroll with attendance data.

4.  We keep our system up to date with all government regulations.

Running a successful business requires energy and care to what matters most to you: your people.

At Shireburn, we don’t want anything to distract you from this. That Shireburn Indio regulationsis why we keep Indigo up to speed with the latest Government and CFR (Office for the Commissioner for Revenue) requirements. We let our team do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Your Indigo system is automatically updated with the latest requirements (such as COVID Wage supplement) and budget measures.

5. With our APIs and modular design, you can basically create and customise your own Suite!

Indigo’s modular design lets you choose only the tools you need, meaning that you do not have to pay for parts of the product that you will never use. You can create your very own Indigo Suite based entirely on your organisation’s needs. And if that’s not enough our APIs will allow you to connect with an array of third-party software, allowing you to customize and enhance your own experience as needed!

Whether you’re a family-owned shop, a franchise or an international company, our scaled pricing plan ensures that you are getting the most out of your investment.

6. We are innovators – and have more in store for 2021!

Technology moves quickly. Our team moves quicker.

Launched in 2015, Indigo is a powerful business package with automated pay calculations, dynamic reporting tools, importing and exporting functionalities and a year-to-year rollover process that’s as easy as hanging up the new year calendar. The system has SEPA file compatibility with over a dozen banks – local and international.

Indigo Attendance syncs with popular clocking devices and takes full advantage of facial and fingerprint recognition technologies available. Earlier this year we launched Indigo Mobile, an Apple and Android application that allows employees to clock in and out of work by using their mobile phones.

The innovations do not stop there! We have plenty in store for Indigo users in 2021. We hope that you will join us for the journey.

With over 35 years of experience in supporting businesses, we know a thing or two about delivering the right product to our customers. Shireburn Software is ready to support you along your journey to simplify your workflow, no matter how big or small your operation is!

Contact Shireburn Software today to get started and make your switch to Indigo