Shireburn Software supporting breast cancer awareness month

 October is breast cancer awareness month,  where people across the globe showcase their support for people who have been affected by breast cancer. Thousands of men and women in Malta are affected by the disease every year.

The team at Shireburn annually organises activities throughout the month to help support the cause and gather funds. For months the spread of COVID-19 has put many areas of both research and awareness for breast cancer on hold. Now, more than ever, we believe that people, communities and businesses need to do their part. We want to do our part. 

This year’s fundraising activity had to be adapted to a remote working environment. 2020, unfortunately, didn’t allow for us to host a bake sale as we have done in previous years. However, our team was still encouraged to sport pink whilst working from home (this led to some interesting photos) and send donations via online payment. 

The team at Shireburn will be donating all proceeds to Action for Breast Cancer Foundation Malta. More information about how you too can make your mark and help can be found through the foundation’s website here.