Shireburn Software has once again extended its financial support to Home-Start Malta, a volunteer-based organisation that offers support, friendship and practical help to parents with young children under 5 years old who are experiencing difficulties. Home-Start Malta helps parents grow in confidence, strengthen their relationships with their children and connect with their local community.

Over the years, Shireburn has supported local charities and NGOs through various CSR initiatives, both financially and through software support.

“Developing a CSR strategy is something I believe in very much. It is important for companies like us to establish ways in which they can make a difference and impact society positively”, said Nathan Farrugia, CEO of Shireburn Software. “We are delighted to be able to support families passing through tough times, primarily with the positive upbringing of their children and their development. Ultimately, they are the future of our society”.

Home-Start Malta consists of trained and supervised volunteers who visit families and help parents regain their desired confidence. This approach is necessary for raising their children in a nurturing environment.

The volunteers teach families skills such as money management and help them prepare meals for their whole family. They also accompany parents to appointments at school, hospital or where otherwise required.

Getting help at the right time for families during difficult situations is crucial. Without proper assistance, circumstances could deteriorate to the extent that children have to be cared for outside their homes.

For more information about Home-Start Malta, or how you can help, call 21678043/99018398 or email maltahomestart@gmail.com.