To commemorate this year’s International Down Syndrome day, held on 21st March 2019, Shireburn employees were encouraged to wear mismatched odd socks and make a donation towards the Malta Down Syndrome Association.

The team at Shireburn joined the international #LotsOfSocks campaign to help increase awareness of Down syndrome. Even Shireburn team members working remotely in Malta and overseas joined in and provided their support!

This initiative forms part of Shireburn’s ongoing commitment to play an active role in supporting our community.

The Down Syndrome Association (DSA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation established and run by parents of persons who have down syndrome. The aim of the DSA is to encourage people who have Down syndrome to fulfil their potential for successful and happy lives, in a society that recognises their abilities and is supportive of their needs. It strives to represent the interests and needs of people who have Down syndrome in all aspects of life and individuals’ needs, as members of the family and the community.

Thanks to the altruistic and collaborative efforts of the whole team, Shireburn is proud to say that this initiative was a great success, with a sum of money being donated to the association.

For more information about the Malta Down Syndrome Association, visit http://www.dsa.org.mt/