Beacon Press eStoreThe Beacon Press, a leading stationery and office furniture retailer in Gibraltar, has launched their first online commerce website, based on the Shireburn eStore software solution.

The Beacon Press, which since 1988 has provided the Gibraltar market with stationery, office products and furniture, had been utilising Shireburn’s inventory and accounting solutions for a number of years. When they decided to take their business online, the readily integrated Shireburn eStore platform was the most natural progression.

The Beacon Press currently operate a retail shop and a warehouse, both of which supply to the Gibraltar peninsula. Beaconpress.gi will now be providing more comfort 24×7 to its customers with online orders and deliveries.

“We had to launch ourselves online with a solution that would integrate directly with our sales, inventory and finance in order to have a single point of data entry and automated stock control levels. So we naturally approached Shireburn to use their eStore software solution after having used their Inventory and Finance systems for so long,” commented Mr. Alfred Vasquez, Director of The Beacon Press.

John de Giorgio, Managing Director of Shireburn Software stated “We’re chuffed to have The Beacon Press on board. Shireburn’s eStore is used by a number of retailers and B2B suppliers, including Golden Gate and Retail International’s Winedrop.com, which delivers Marks & Spencer goods locally, amongst others. These sites have seen reduced workload due to the high degrees of integration to the Shireburn inventory and accounting solutions after they converted from stand-alone websites using Excel, to Shireburn’s eStore solution.”

About Shireburn eStore

Shireburn eStore enables users to extend their operations online both for B2C and B2B sales, directly integrated into their operational, inventory and accounting system with single point of data management for stock details, orders, payments, and more. Shireburn eStore allows businesses to extend their sales reach while maintaining low operating costs and high degrees of efficiency.

To find out more about Shireburn’s eStore, visit www.shireburn.com/eStore, send an email to info@shireburn.com or call 2131 9977.