Blood DriveAs part of our 30th anniversary and ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives, a large number of Shireburn Software’s management and staff, visited the Blood Donation Unit in Guardamangia this morning, to donate blood.

The gesture is part of the company’s CSR plan with special regard for its 30th anniversary drive to give back to the community. The response from staff was encouraging and many of the employees were first-time donors. Managing Director John de Giorgio and Director Franco Galea thanked staff members for potentially saving lives today. They also showed gratitude for staff members who kept the office up and running in the interim so as not to disrupt client support.

More event photos can be found on facebook.com/shireburn

Blood DriveShireburn Software is a software products company that specialises in assisting clients in identifying improvements to their business processes and addressing these through the application of information technology. The Shireburn Business Suite offers a complete integrated multi-channel solution with support for retail, distribution, salesman’s tablets and an e-Commerce offering. The Shireburn Freight System and Document Management system are also leading products that integrate with the Business Suite. The company has also recently taken one of their latest software developments, Concessionaire Analyzer+ for airports, to an international level. With a 34 strong team, Shireburn Software continues to expand its client base, product line as well as its resources in order to continue to cater for the local market, from small one-man businesses to larger corporations as well as the international market.