Shireburn supports New LeafShireburn Software continues to support New Leaf, a non-profit voluntary organisation whose objective is to preserve the books at The National Library and promote the use of public libraries.

Shireburn Software has sponsored the purchase of a light-box that will be used by professional restorers to be able to view, assess and analyse documents and books that require restoration. This project forms part of the Shireburn Software 30th Anniversary CSR plan to continue to contribute towards our society.

Amongst its list of objectives, New Leaf aims to preserve books at The National Library with specialists and equipment, convert the National Library’s hand written library cards to a database, organise book cleaning training and volunteers, convert the out-dated cassette based audio books to MP3, publicise the need for volunteers and promote the use of the national and public libraries.

“Shireburn Software is all about knowing what information you have and where, digitising data and document management, so we see New Leaf as a perfect partner for our CSR efforts,” said John de Giorgio, Managing Director, Shireburn Software. “We are more than happy to play our part in giving these priceless books, some of which are pieces of world history and heritage, the attention they truly deserve.”

For more information on New Leaf and how to help by donating time or money, please contact Monique Chambers on 99891722, monique@newleaf.org.mt or visit http://www.newleaf.org.mt