Microsoft Silver PartnerShireburn Software have been recognised as Silver level web development Microsoft Partners. Obtaining a high level of partner recognition is an important reflection of capability, successful track record and commitment to the technology by this leading software company.

Shireburn has built the skills of its development team through rigorous, formal training and through the provision of experience on its many web based projects and has ensured certification of most of its development team. “The vast majority of Shireburn Software’s development has been undertaken on Microsoft platforms for the last 18 years and the company continues to direct its development further using Microsoft technologies” said John de Giorgio, Managing Director of Shireburn Software. “As more and more of our development continues to be focused on web based technologies, being recognised by Microsoft for our web development capabilities through the Silver partnership level is very important to us and to our clients.”

Clients assessing the capabilities of software development companies look for a broad range of competency across multiple technologies. The fact that Shireburn is both an Advanced Level IBM Business Partner as well as a Silver Level Microsoft Partner can only further improve the confidence that customers have in trusting their business to Shireburn Software.

Shireburn Software’s core business is the design, development and support of solutions addressing the accounting, inventory, retail and payroll/HR field through the Shireburn Business Suite, a solution based on both desktop and web based Microsoft technologies. This product is very widely implemented.

Shireburn Software supports clients across 40 countries with its solutions with a team of 33 staff based in Malta.