A message from our CEO - marking 30th anniversary

5th December 2013
Shireburn 30 years of business solutions

A message from our CEO - marking 30th anniversary

John de GiorgioToday is the 30th anniversary since I started Shireburn Software. So much has happened in the last 30 years, and not just in terms of technology. The most amazing thing is that after 30 years, Shireburn Software is more innovative than we have ever been, forging ahead into new technologies and new markets. So while it is fun to look back, it is so exciting looking forward and this is what matters most.

Shireburn has been an incredible collection of dedicated people working well and hard as a team. Our reputation for providing excellent support is hard earned and well deserved, as is our reputation for practical software products. There are many people who should stand up and take a bow but no one more than my co-director, Franco Galea. We have an incredible and loyal team. My sincere thanks goes out to them all. I hope that working at Shireburn has been stimulating, challenging, exciting, a continuous learning and developmental experience and rewarding.

We also have a loyal client base without which our hard work would be meaningless. Our first client 30 years ago is still our client today and our client retention levels would be the envy of any IT company where we are operating in such a fast moving industry. My thanks go out to all our clients, old and new. 

As I said, looking ahead I see great experiences, more growth and excitement. Our entry into new technologies, products and markets is very exciting. We have been successful at riding each technology wave that has been thrown at us over the last 30 years and I am confident of having the team capable of continuing to do so. No doubt we will be challenged again but equally I have no doubt that we have a great crew with which to meet the challenge.

I am so looking forward to the years to come.

John de Giorgio

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